Vision In the vast world of media and technology, new and creative ideas which are strategically channeled conquer the rapidly developing need of the masses. Our job is to unearth these new ideas and commensurate them with the daily evolving needs of our clients. Read more
FLASH base iqonz studio website
From initial concept through to deployment or build to existing designs, adding as much interactivity and motion design as required. Flash Websites-from a single page to complex XML driven.I'm skilled in both ActionScript and timeline design and animation and integration with other technologies.
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As dedicated true professionals, we have rendered our services according to the basic quality and precision requirements of our clientele so that we can meet up challenging projects with ease. Our services include.

  •  weBSITE Design & Development

  •  fLASH multimedia websites

  •  Branding & Identity

  •  dOMAIN & hOSTING Registration

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